Re: How do I "unshare" an interface?

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4 - Data Explorer


Does anyone know how to remove access to an interface once it's shared? I shared an "editable" interface that I created for my creators with a read-only user so she can't interact with it. I created a read-only version with a form so she could submit information, but now I can't unshare the editable interface. I don't see an option to "remove access" with her account. What gives?

I have a Pro account if that helps.

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I might have already answered your question, however she might have access to the base that the inter face is housed in.

Hi @Jennifer_Ching,
To remove access, you need to go to the interface, click on the 'share' button while on the edit view, and at the bottom, you will find 'manage access.' A dropdown will appear with all the names of the people who have some access to the interface. You can remove access to an interface for your own user account - otherwise, you'll need base or workspace access in order to remove other users' interface access below your own permission level.

I hope this helps!