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Interfaces not refreshing/syncing

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For the last day or so, my interfaces have stopped syncing in real time with changes to the actual base. When I make changes in the standard table interface, the record list updates automatically to match the sorting and filtering criteria. However, the interface refuses to do that until I refresh, which somewhat defeats the purpose.

I thought it might be a browser issue, but I tried multiple browsers and the same thing happens.

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I noticed that the record itself is updated in real time in the Interface, but the record list on the left does not get updated.

I’m also having a problem with an interface, but it’s also just not showing records at all in certain chart elements. I’ve tried to reconfigure the elements—including copying configurations from a view that I know contains records—but the elements are still blank. :frowning:

I also noticed that the names of the items in the record list do get updated/synced, but their sorting and filtering does not appear to work. This appears to be a sorting and filtering issue.

Interfaces is still very new. I recommend that you report these issues to Airtable support ( to make sure that someone at Airtable sees them. You can include a video to show what you are experiencing. This is a community forum, and there is no guarantee that anyone from Airtable will see any specific thread here. Plus, reporting the issue to support makes it easier for Airtable to track the issue and any fixes.

Fair enough. I did submit a double ticket with Airtable support about this, but I figured it would be good to have a place for people to report their same issue within the community.

I was having some similar issues recently that seem to have resolved themselves. It’s a bit worrying that these issues could re-occur at any moment though. Have your issues resolved themselves?

Yes - as of yesterday afternoon, the syncing started again! I agree with it being worrying that these issues could re-occur at any moment (super frustrating), but realistically this is beta software and clearly labeled so. Airtable Interfaces are just so useful that its hard to imagine life without them once we got them :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it expected behavior that they should refresh/sync or do we have to do something to tell the interface to sync?

Right now the only way I can get an interface to update with new information from the base is to edit it, then click into it then re-select the view I want it to come from. This seems sort of like the expected behavior since you can actually start with a view directly from a base then make changes to it right in the interface, so you wouldn’t necessarily want a sync to override it. Not sure if I’m missing something, because I do want the sync, but not sure if I’m supposed to get it.