Need Help with Selective Emailing via Automation - Based on Department

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi All,

I'm working with an Interface displaying crew scheduling data and have hit a roadblock.

Current Setup:

  • I have a button in the Interface.
  • When clicked, it triggers an Automation that identifies crew with new/updated schedules.
  • It then emails these crew members a grid of their updated schedules.

Desired Feature:
I've been asked to make the emailing department-specific. In other words, when the button is pressed, emails should be sent only to crew members from selected departments.

I thought about adding filters to the Interface to narrow down which records are to be emailed. However, from my understanding, Airtable automations allow only one record to be passed via a button click. This would mean sending each record individually with every button press.

An alternative I considered was creating an Interface form. The user could define their parameters on this form, and upon submission, the automation would recognize and act based on these parameters. However, this would entail the creation of a new table to store form submissions, which I'd like to avoid.

Is there a more efficient way to achieve this functionality without adding extra tables or steps? Would appreciate any insights or ideas. Thanks in advance!

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If you don't already have one then you should create a Departments table. Crew members would be linked to a Department. Use a Look Up field to get all of the Crew Member email addresses into the Departments table.  Then you can use a record picker in Interfaces to select a Department. You will have access to the comma separated list of email addresses which can be used in your automation.

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Thanks David. This is a good recommendation. I was hoping to not update the schema for a Button action, but it looks like I'll have to in some way. Appreciate you taking the time. Cheers