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6 - Interface Innovator

Hi all, not sure if I’m doing something wrong here or if it’s a bug…

I have a base table with a list of sales orders and I’m trying to create a chart in my interface summing up all sales in monthly buckets.

Initially creating the chart defaults to counting records and I get a bar chart as you would expect. BUT when I switch to SUM by the field containing my sales values I get a blank graph.

Do my settings look right? Am I doing something right or could this be a bug?


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I think I have the same problem. I am trying to create a bar chart of clients by revenue sum, and I cannot get it to generate - I get the “internal error, try refreshing” message in place of the chart, but no matter how many times I refresh it won’t load. The minute I change it to a pie chart, it’s fine.

Hi @Nicole_Hawkesford,

Strangely, I have another base I have generated a view for which has currency values I have successfully bar charted. I’ll try to do some comparison and see why one might be working and another not. Could be me doing something wrong at this rate.

Yep I’ve got this issue too - if you change the currency to $ it should resolve it. Also mentioned here: [Bug] Field summary in charts does not work with currency columns when using a symbol other than $
I guess it’s time to move State side :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey @Joe_Hewes ,

This worked for me. This would be why my other interface which has values in $ was working but my UK business in £ was not.

Thanks for the work around.

No, I think mine is a different root cause, because my revenue field is not formatted as currency or with any currency symbol. It’s actually a computed formula field, maybe that’s contributing somehow?

Hi @Nicole_Hawkesford ,

It does sound different. Incidentally, my was a calculated field (formula) with currency formatting.

Pretty sure this doesn’t help but I thought I’d clarify.

Might want to start your own thread @Nicole_Hawkesford