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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi, my interface was working fine before (like a couple of weeks ago).
I created an interface where I can add a "payment" to a given "instalment".

As you can see in the screenshot : allow users to create new records is activated.

But in reality, I cannot... To me this is a bug... How do I report this for a (fast) fix please ?



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Airtable Employee
Airtable Employee

Hello @Nadege_BOINNARD, we are rolling out a refreshed linked record picker in Interfaces which you are seeing here. If you start typing the name of the record you are looking for/want to create, the option to create a new record with that name will appear below the search results.

Hello Patricia. But this doesn't work... My primary field in my Payments table is a calculated field... So I cannot "create" a new name with it. This is NOT a good solution at all... And many of us are using calculated fields as primary linked fields... 

18 - Pluto
18 - Pluto

@Patricia_Saylor , this new record picker was not well thought out. It seems to have been designed by people who have not spent much time using Airtable. This breaks dozens of my customers’ workflows. We need the ability to always have the add new record option available at all times. If the primary field in the linked table is a formula field, people need the ability to add the new record so they can fill out the other fields. Please do not break things that were working perfectly fine before, and instead please focus on improving things that people have been requesting for years. 

@ScottWorld What you said !!!!!

Indeed @Patricia_Saylor  :

1) First do no harm
2) Fix what everyone is screaming about !!! FOR YEARS INDEED !! 

Like randomly : uhhhh, let's see, an interface button that can actually open extensions ? For those who use Page Designer (like 99% of people using Airtable and use page designer for invoices, contracts, templates, etc...). 

18 - Pluto
18 - Pluto


Sadly, Airtable has a long legacy of ignoring its customers.

Instead of improving Page Designer, Airtable completely abandoned Page Designer shortly after releasing it in 2018. Airtable has made zero improvements to it since 2018. It is still a version 1.0 product.

Most Airtable customers have stopped using Page Designer out of necessity, because Page Designer doesn’t support multi-page documents, it can’t be automated in any way, it doesn’t support PDF creation (Airtable forces you to manually use whatever PDF tools you have installed on your computer), it doesn’t work within Airtable interfaces, and there are hundreds of other major dealbreakers & limitations with Page Designer.

So most people use external tools to create their Airtable documents.

The best tool, of course, is always Make’s automations and integrations for Airtable, because it can work with any document creation app on the planet. Make is always the best place for Airtable customers to turn when Airtable has failed them. I have assembled a bunch of Make training resources in this thread:

Alternatively, one of the most popular PDF creation tools for Airtable is DocuMint. Another popular tool is Docs Automator.

However, as I mentioned above, customers can choose ANY document creation app that they would like, and automate the PDF creation process by using Make. They can use good old fashioned Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, or even newer apps like Formstack Documents or PDF Monkey.

Make supports over 1,600 apps natively, and it also supports all other apps that have a REST API with its HTTP module

Hey @ScottWorld 

Thanks for this detailed post. I am really annoyed with Page Designer too although I did manage to make it several pages long (as many as I want really), by increasing the pixels... So that was an interesting workaround.

It does work fine for many of my small business clients who are happy not to spend an extra subscription on a third party tool. As much as I can I try to find solutions within the Airtable ecosystem with native integrations (like Gmail / Google Calendar). But indeed... people are much more comfortable with dealing with GDocs, Gsheets etc. 

I'll check all your links. I'm of course super familiar with Make which is quite splendid 🙂 

My dream app (because it's a regular client request) : a "PRINT & SEND" button on an interface that will create the final document, make a PDF, upload it in the designated attachment field and check "send contract" box in the base, which will trigger an automation that sends the contract with the appropriate email. Same for invoicing. Clients complain that they need to 1) go to page designer 2) print to PDF 3) upload the PDF in the field and check the "send contract" box 🙂 (when they all know they've already saved an hour of their time doing everything by hand but hey, automation is addictive and you always want more hahaha !)

Thank you anyway. Hoping Airtable comes to its senses as moves like the one this post is made to point out transforms me into a very pissed off ninja 🙂 

Airtable Employee
Airtable Employee

Hi folks,

We appreciate all your feedback, and we plan to address some of the feedback you have given us. We’re temporarily rolling back some updates we made to the design of the Linked Record picker in Interfaces as we further iterate.

Here's some context as to why we started on the journey in the first place:

  1. We wanted to improve data density, so that you could scan more records at once.
  2. These changes will help unlock additional exciting features coming, such as dynamic filtering of linked records.

Please continue to give us feedback on the product, and we hope to share some of these exciting new features with you in the new year.

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator


Airtable is DOING IT AGAIN. Exact same thing. Exact same THING !! I am BEYOND PISSED.

Clients are ALL OVER MY BACK.

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

As we speak, I am now going into an intensive crash course on AppSheet. I think I've had quite about my dose of Airtable now. Migrating for something more reliable that develops features that everyone wants instead of trying to "improve" stuff that works perfectly. Today was definitely the straw that broke the camel's back. And I am an early Airtable adopter and a great enthusiast. But enough is enough.