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Sharing interface with leads and clients

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With the new interface features, is it possible to share an interface with a lead/client for that person to add and edit a new record (with access to his/her own record only)?

I want to use one or more calculators as lead generator tools, and also as tools for clients (who are not Airtable users themselves). Is this doable with the pro plan, without extra costs for each person using the interface, and without third party apps?

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No. You can share just an Interface (no access to the underlying base), but each person who has edit privileges will still cost $20 a month.

@Kamille_Parks, thank you for answering. I was afraid it was like that, but hopefully Airtable will change this policy and enable external usage of interfaces.

I made the mistake of thinking that giving a user edit access to an interface - but NOT to the underlying Airtable Base - would not count as a chargeable user.  I thought that was the whole point of not giving access to the base.

Alas no - just realised after a little testing that even just allowing someone to comment costs $20 a month.

Not feasible if I want to let 10 people just comment.  Can't pay $200 p/month just for that - it's ridiculous.

I wanted to do it all from within Airtable - but it is just not cost effective.  Will have to reluctantly use (or similar) - which costs in the region of $25 p/month for 1,000 users.