Duplicate a project plan via interface button?

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

We have a projects table and a plans table (similar to tasks), with start & end dates per task, for viewing on timeline view. I'd like to be able to give our users the feature of being able to duplicate a project plan from an existing project into a new project. I know this is doable via automation but I need some user interaction with it to make it happen.

To make it useful, a user would need to be able to select the existing project from which they'd want to copy a plan, and then select the new project where they want to new plan records to be copied into - then run the automation.

What is the best method for this?

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Hi @corb,

If you know some Javascript or are interested in learning, the Scripting extension can display a prompt, such as to choose a project to copy, when users click a button field in a project record. You could code it in a way that either warns the user after clicking this button and selecting a project that the next step will replace existing tasks or in a way that simply appends copied tasks to the project. Scripting is very customizable.

Some other approaches to task templates include record templates or building your base in a way that supports a standalone templates table such as using a junction table approach.

A junction table setup would look like: Projects (unique list) <-many-to-one-> Project tasks (junction table) <-one-to-many-> Templates (unique list)

This approach would let you build task templates in your Templates table to be reused independently for different projects.

Hope that helps!