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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

How can multiple users use the same airtable interface simultaneously?

My interface is as follows

1. User selects investor and sets it by clicking a button.

2. The investor is saved in a temp table with a flag set as true

3. The user sees a list of startups and makes a selection of some startups by checking a checkbox

4. User selects a campaign date from a dropdown

5. User clicks on button to schedule. Button starts an automation that gets the carrier name from temp table only after seeing the flag as true, the list of startups that were checked and creates a row in the scheduler with the campaign date. After doing so it resets the startup checkbox and ready to schedule flag.

Now if this above feature was to be used by more than 1 user at the same time, what changes would I need to make to my existing flow? Is there a way to retrieve the user id somehow?

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