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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I am setting up a KPI tracking sheet for our business but I'm stuck on how to create the layout for data input. 

Situation: I have KPI's I want to track on a yearly /quarterly / monthly / weekly base --> so each KPI has need of different columns for data input (months / weeks / ...), how can I make a clear overview? Or should i make different tabs depending on the date range for input?

Also some KPI's are numbers, some are percentages,.. so i cannot make 1 column for data input. Should i make different columns fe 'KPI number' , 'KPI percentage' and then leave open some columns which are not relevant? I feel there are better options but I just recently started using Airtable so would love to hear from some more experienced users 🙂

Screenshot 2024-03-21 at 09.58.31.png

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