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creating a view-only iPad drink menu

I am helping a friend's small restaurant create a drink menu that can be viewed from iPads in the restaurant.There are many types of beverages that are updated in the master Airtable.I just want a view-only way for customers to glance at that list on...

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Ken by 5 - Automation Enthusiast

Displaying Records as Grouped With The Record Picker

Hi, I have a Data table that is structured in the following way:IDValueQuantity101A1101B2102A3Within the data view I have these records grouped by the 'ID' field. However, when attempting to create an interface and including a 'Record Picker', it sho...

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Quickly export entries from an interface

Hello everyone,I have a question about the ability to quickly export entries from an interface.In the classic Airtable interface, you can select entries and then send them by email: In Airtable's interface publication, the email function disappears:D...

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Resolved! How many bases to create dashboards for different clients?

HiI'm a new Airtable user and I'm trying to determine the best approach to creating a dashboard view for each client at our firm with read only access.I'm aware you can create 1 base and filter views but that would make it possible for clients to see...

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