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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi ! I have an interface, on which there’s a button that sets a field to a value which do not match the record picker filter. When there are multiple records in the picker, this works just fine, when the button is pressed, the record disappears from the record picker, and the view switches to the next record. However, when I’m done to a single record in the picker and I press the button, the record disappears from the record picker but not from the view. Buttons are still clickable too, leading to the risk of duplicating actions. If i exit the interface and come back, I now have the correct blank view.

Note that the “move to next record” toogle have no effect on this behaviour.

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Interesting, I’m able to replicate this and it definitely seems like a bug to me

Sounds like a bug. I recommend reporting it to support, with a video if possible. Buttons are relatively new and Interfaces have historically had bugs like this.