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5 - Automation Enthusiast

See this?


It displays a grid view of records from a specific table.  The tab labeled "All entries" is unfiltered; under "More," there are other tabs available showing the same data with pre-set filters.  I have no idea how I got those tabs to be available and I cannot find them anywhere now.  What I really want is to have different tabs displaying data from different tables according to a record picker selection.  The first table is "Clients," and the others are all linked to "Clients" and have different items that are related to specific "Clients" records (billing, events, job histories, whatever for each Client in Clients).  Being able to pick a Client and have one interface page with multiple tabs for those other tables would really streamline what I now do with separate interface pages in which I have to select the same Client over and over again to work on one client but in different interface pages.  Suggestions are welcome - thanks.


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I don't think using the tabs to show data from different tables is possible I'm afraid

When I was solving a similar issue I ended up using a Blank page and setting it up with a single record picker element, and then setting up all of the relevant tables, lists etc to display based off of that one record picker element instead