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Looking to Hire Airtable Support

Looking for help from an airtable professional. Need assistance with Zapier as well for our system - CLIO. Currently use but I know we can max out. Please email me at

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Airtable Help - Content management system

Dear Airtable people,I have paid a total of two experts) so far to help set up a system on airtable to replace our content management software and to sync to our shopify store creating invoices etc and allowing some customization. But the main one a...

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Ability to embed YouTube or Twitch links via form submission

Goal: A user can create a post including any version of a youtube or twitch URL. When the post is created it appears in a repeating group and the link appears as an embedded video. Current State: The entire site is already built using a combination o...

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Yuzer by 5 - Automation Enthusiast

the view timeline with the utilization bar

Hello, I want to use the view timeline with the utilization bar. My timeline view allows me to assign tasks to employees. Employees have unavailable days. So I can't assign them spots during this time. The Unavailable Days Utilization Bar only appear...

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Simple Inventory Management Paid Project

Hello, we are looking for a simple inventory management base that computes runway times for parts and sub assemblies. Pretty small in scope. I am a software developer and am familiar with data structures, so I will be easy to work with, I just don’t ...

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ISO AirTable Expert to review my AirTable

Hello! I am in search of an AirTable expert who can review my current bases and SOP on AirTable and see if there are any changes or hacks I can be making that I may not know of. If interested, please send me your information, rates and what you can p...

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Scripting Job to Check for Scheduling Clashes

HiI have a script that needs building, or developing form existing scripts (I have two good references to pull from), to check for scheduling clashes in a system that timelines tasks. I need essentially the same script to be implemented three times t...

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Jon by 6 - Interface Innovator

Seeking an Airtable Consultant

 Hi Everyone,Blue Ocean Barns is seeking an Airtable consultant to help us improve and manage our current database.  If you are interested, here is a link to the job posting

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Building Quoting System that can publish to a website

I need to build a quoting system in Airtable that I can publish to my website. I started the tables to collect the needed information but that's where I'm stuck. The price is based off a matrix of quantity range vs number of colours printed.  Not eve...

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Looking for US/CA & EU/UK based Airtable experts and agencies

Hi everyone, We're looking for Airtable experts and agencies to join Codemap - world's first and largest talent platform for no-code, with over 4,200+ clients and $14 million in project value in 2022.Our demand for Airtable expertise is growing, with...

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Seeking Contractor to Improve CRM Functionality

Our nonprofit organization (Post Carbon Institute) is looking for a contractor to make improvements to our Airtable as a contact relationship system (CMS) tool for a growing international network, integrated with Circle through Zapier.A very brief de...

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NYC-based nonprofit looking for Dev/Consultant

At Uptown Stories, we provide workshops in the arts to underprivileged children and families around Manhattan. We use AT to record and track registration data, donation and donor info, grant applications, and job/intern applicants. We've built a foun...

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