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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I am using the Typeform integration and one question (single select) has 750 options.

In Airtable: It is possible to massively add options to the single selection or multiple selection. Instead of paste it the 750 options one by one.


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If you import all of your options into a “single line text” field as 750 different records, you can then convert your field to a “single select“ field afterwards, and it will convert your records into the single select options.

However, 750 options is a lot of options. You may want to consider keeping your options as individual records in their own table, and then using a linked record field instead of a single select field to select the appropriate option.

Thanks @ScottWorld
nice trick that converts single line text to single selection. But sadly, it doesn’t recognize all fields as unique. The 750 fields were only separated into 3.

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In the other way you proposed it´s actualli the better. But I think I need to configured the integration through single or multiply select first. And then via automation linking the record. So I think that I both cases I will need to find the way of add the 750 record to the “multiple select”

Please let know if I´am understanding correctly


Also know as purely insane. :winking_face: But sometimes there are good reasons to act insanely passionate. The bigger worry is if there are 750 options today, will there be 1200 tomorrow?

Hmm… not sure… you might need to put quotation marks around your text in order for Airtable to understand them as different options.

Although it does seem like the “linked record field” idea might be better for you in order to manage this lengthy list better.

Right! This seems like a better project for an entire table’s worth of records.