Airtable not loading on iPad browser

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I've created a form for collecting sign in/out info and times for a space here at my work. It's a simple form with a spot to input your ID# and then a single select question with two options (Sign in or Sign out). If you select Sign out then an Optional Conditional Field opens for Notes. It fills out a table for us to view who is in the space at a given time, and keeps track of who was in and when.

The form works fine on a computer. There is no issues with that portion of this. But when I try to load it on an older iPad (iPad 2 Mini running 12.5.7 which is as high as this older one will go) in either Chrome (version 92), or Safari (version 12.1) I can't get the form to load. The link works, it tries to load, but I just get nothing. When I tried to view a Gallery View link all I got was the blue outline around the page. No cards, no info.

Airtable's own spec page shows that the requirements to use the Browser view of Airtable is iOS 11+, Chrome 67+, or Safari 12.1+. I've cleared my cache and all the browsing data multiple times to no avail. Am I missing something or is Airtable's own spec page out of date?

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