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How to become partner?

I have filled this form but I didn't receive a reply. Is that working? How long does it take for the team to respond?Or have I to do anything else?Thanks!

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Follow URL in list view?

Hi all!Clicking an URL link in 'list view' does not open the URL in a new tab in the web browser. Instead it 'highlights' the URL in goes into edit mode.I want a click to 'follow the link'. How/is it possible to do that?Thanks for any suggestions!/Jo...

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Why does our company Airtable take so long to load

Why does a table that takes 2 seconds to load for me in N.America take upwards of 2 minutes to load for my colleague in Malaysia. Is this normal for whatever reasons related to Airtable infrastructure? or is there something on his side that might be ...

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SAVE - backup

Good morning,I have the Team version of Airtable and I would like to know how can I save my databases and interfaces?is there an automatic backup?For greater security should I do an export?I would like all the advice you can give me because my bases ...

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Mary by 5 - Automation Enthusiast

Resolved! Pulling a list of tasks that were completed overdue?

Hello,As projects come to a close, I want to review how successful my team was on staying on task and completing tasks by the deadline. My base is set up to flag overdue tasks, so I know in the moment when something is overdue and needs to get done A...

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Changing help text based on input in a form?

Hi! I'm trying to make it easier to check which cell phone carrier a person uses based on their phone number. Right now I have a formula I use, but formulas can't appear in formsThis is the formula I use: IF({Phone Number} = BLANK(), '', CONCATENATE(...

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