Airtable when connected to my Dropbox does not show all folders available

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Hi - Thank you in advance for any support or help you can provide.
I am not sure which side is the issue but I have filed the very same question on Dropbox Support to see if we can get an answer.

I have connected my AirTable Base to my Dropbox to be able to link from my ONLY Drop box account.

When I go into my Attachment field -and Select Dropbox - I am only shown two Dropbox folders (I have many folders synced and stored in Dropbox. - I am not seeing all my folders.

I have a DropboxPlus with extra storage. I have a Airtable Pro 1 collaborator (aka me) plan.

We know that the two folders that are showing are - folders in the cloud only that have been stored up in Airtable but not on my computer. Non of my computer folders are showing when I select Dropbox in Attachment field.

The Airtable and Dropbox system both acknowledge they are indeed connected.

Any help is greatly appreciated because honestly - that is why I have Dropbox is for my storage.

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