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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hey guys, I know the challenge is that the tables are always changing height based on records being added, but is there any way the embedded iframe can grow it’s height dynamically?

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Not really - at least not easily. The code or script that would be responsible for doing that would have to live in the page in which the <iframe> lives (or the same web context, so that it is loaded into the users browser along with the <iframe>). This means that the script for dynamically resizing the element would have to live in your website’s codebase – Airtable can’t serve that up. And since it lives in your code, the only way it could have access to the number of records in an Airtable view that is embedded through a link like that is if you use the API for that view to gather that information, and then serve that data up dynamically into a JavaScript that can use it in the user’s browser to dynamically resize that embedded <iframe> when the Airtable view gains/loses records.