Automatically copying Mac mail into an Airtable Project

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4 - Data Explorer

I’ve built a Project tracking space in Airtable and I would like it to automatically import my emails pertaining to that project into the project record. Is there a way to do that? Ultimately, I’d like to open the project record and see everything that’s involved with that project, emails, PO’s, Art Files and Client conversations. Right now the Airtable world is totally separate from the email world unless I take the time to copy an email and add it to the Chat of the project record.

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There is no way to programmatically access Airtable’s record comments at this moment in time, but if your email is hosted with a popular email server like Google or Microsoft, you could very easily automate the process of creating a new record in Airtable for each new incoming email using Then, you could link each email record to whatever project records that you would like.

And if your email is not hosted with a popular email server, you could always just auto-forward your incoming emails to a mailhook in, and then continue the process from there.