Best way to list Jira epics with sum of story points from attached tickets?

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4 - Data Explorer

I have a Jira Cloud instance with the typical Epic -> Story structure. I'm wanting to pull those epics into Airtable with a link to their associated issues and rollup their story point total. 


DEV-1 (Epic) Make a sandwich
DEV-2 (Story) Get Ingredentiants - 5pts
DEV-3 (Story) Assemble - 3pts
DEV-4 (Story) Eat - 1pt

How can I sync this data from Jira and assemble the proper links so I can reference DEV-1 and rollup the estimates to get 9 story points total?


I've tried syncing my Jira tickets into its own table which has the Epic <-> Tickets reference information but am unable to convert that information into a 'hard link' that Airtable can use. See screenshot, if I edit the 'Epic Link' field to "Link to another record" it technically works but I get a message saying my Jira Sync won't update this field anymore. 

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Hmm, if I were you I'd:
1. Create a new table called "Epics"
2. Create a linked field between "Epics" and the synced table
3. Create an automation that'll trigger every time a new record gets created in the synced table, and its action will be to paste the value from the "Epic Link" field into the linked field

In the "Epics" table, you could then get the story point total via a rollup field with "SUM(values)"