best way to organize data for renovations/construction

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4 - Data Explorer

hey everyone,

I'm looking for some inputs on how to organize the data efficiently. I'm building a multi-family building and have multiple different vendors like engineering reports, carpenters, drywallers etc.we have more than 20+ different types of vendors and for every trade, we try to get at least 3-5 quotes. 

this is getting out of hands very quickly and we often times miss data from the emails with so many quotes to go through. I'm looking to put all of this data into airtable to sort out easily. for example, if someone asks me to compare all the quotes for a structural engineer, I should be able to tell quickly what i have received instead of going through all the emails.

would really appreciate if someone could point me to any existing templates or if anyone is already doing this. 

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Anything I could recommend would be from the Airtable Universe and you've probably already checked that out I reckon

If I were building this from scratch, I'd have a single table called "Quotes", with a "Type" field to indicate the type of vendor that was providing the quote so I could group by that.  Each record in the "Quotes" table would represent one quote from one vendor, and I'd probably get that populated manually, or if I had an email address I knew would only receive quotes, maybe I would use Zapier to add a new record in the "Quotes" table so that it's more in sync or something

Best of luck!