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Re: Big-Screen Workflow Dashboard

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Hi all, has anyone successfully integrated Airtable with an information dashboard application like Geckoboard or Databox? My team dreams of a solution like Panic’s (now discontinued) Status Board, running on top of Airtable data, for display on a 4K TV, likely driven by a Mac mini.

Similarly, what are come recommended alternatives to Geckoboard and Databox, should I have to build the integration myself?

Thank you!!!


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@apurva Can you provide an update? Have you integrated Airtable into Numerics?

@Andrew_Enright - have you had any luck with creating a JSON connection?

Overall, yes. Our team has developed some custom code that has Airtable syncing with Snowflake. But we’ve not yet built a connector for Geckoboard. It’s on our roadmap, just lower priority…

+1 for integration with Geckoboard

Hey! Databox is currently working on a native integration for Airtable. If you want influence the development of such integration, you can learn more here: Airtable - Integrations - Databox