BUG: Record history doesn't respect naming convention for records in linked table

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

first off: recurring issue: where can i report bugs?

the record history seems to give wrong information when the change in the record was an addition of a linked record. the record history should say "[USER] created this ['record' or custom name for record as per table settings]" but it does not respect the table settings of the related table and does not use the custom name of the record of the linked table.

i.e. i have two linked tables, one called "products" and one "sales". the tables are set up so that records in the "products" table are called 'product' and in the sales table are called 'sale' (for example in the footer of the table when summing up etc).

when i create a record in the sales table say 'sale #5239234' related to say the record 'GREEN APPLE' on the product table, the record history of that 'GREEN APPLE' records should say "[User] created this sale" and display the change in the link-field. instead it says "[User] created this product", but i created a sale related to a product which effectuated a change in the link-field on the product record, not a product...






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