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this is really irritating. i'm trying to report a bug but the freaking chatbot wants to send me here...anyway:there seems to be a bug: if you access an airtable interface with an account that doesn't have edit permissions and you press ALT + 1 (the s...
I have an interface with a Field of the "Linked to another record" type. I want users to be able to either add or remove a connection to an existing record, OR to add a new linked record. I can set the field to allow these two things independently:Ho...
Hi there. I have a table "business partners" with records of type "supplier" and "brand" which are linked between each other. a record of type "supplier" can be linked to multiple records of type "brand" but a brand can only be linked to one supplier...
Hello therei have an automation that was working fine, now when i try to test it, i can't get past the trigger. the trigger works, but when i try to evaluate the conditions for the first action group (or any other action group) i get an error instead...
hello!i'm trying to send emails via the outlook automation. everything works like a charm, apart from the emails not arriving at all. so it doesn't work at all  unless the receipient of the mail is an address with the same domain as the one i am sen...
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