Re: Bulk Download of photos from an AirTable?

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Is there a way to do a mass download of photos from my airtable? The Bulk Upload worked well, now I need to do the reverse! Thanks, All

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LOL - And he didn’t use any code despite the fact that only he and only three other people on the planet can read it! That’s both the beauty and the irony of his bulk download approach.

@ScottWorld you need to retract the FYI and buy this clever dude a sandwich.

Lol, it still didn’t work!

Screen Shot 2021-03-23 at 5.28.47 PM

I think you have some bad characters in the command line.

wget </users is not right

That’s the full path to my file. It’s the same path that made step #1 work properly.

I really don’t care. I was just seeing how far I could get in those directions.

I’ve never seen a path in Linux that begins with “<”.

I just copied & pasted what the other guy wrote above. He has the “<” in his message above.

Anyways, I’m unsubscribing from this thread now. This is so unimportant, and I have REAL Airtable work to do. :winking_face:

I think there’s supposed to be a space after each “<”. His example doesn’t include one before the filename, but I think that’s a typo. Try:

xargs < wget < [insert path here]

That doesn’t solve the “No such file or directory” issue, though.

This is why I think that most people’s idea of what is and isn’t “code” is too narrow.

Sorry about that, I’m not here often, and I didn’t realize this was a no-code community. Or perhaps the degree to which it is.

I’ve mostly been browsing in the Airtable automations/scripting area of this community, where most people seem to have a JS background.

Sorry about that. I didn’t realize this was a no-code area.
I’m sure it’s moot now, but I had a typo. It should be xargs wget < sources.txt.

In your case, xargs wget < ~/Desktop/sources.txt

You’d also need wget if you don’t have it. I forget if it’s native on MacOS (brew install wget).

Anyway, apologies again for the confusion and technical approach.