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I have been struggling with a project recently. I am trying to basically take a list of names or emails from two separate Rollup fields and combine them, removing the duplicates. However, Airtable seems to be having trouble combining ARRAYJOIN(), ARRAYFLATTEN(), or ARRAYUNIQUE() in any way that works for me.

So far, my only solution was to use some nested IF statements and concatenation to force it to work to an extent, but the fields get messed up if both columns I am pulling from are not blank.

I have tried a couple of different suggestions from other posts, but I would appreciate if someone could point me in a good direction.

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Could you share more details about the rollup fields that you’re trying to merge?

Basically I have two rollup fields that looks for ARRAYUNIQUE(values) for some emails or names from another table. What I am looking for is to take those two and merge them into a single list of those unique emails, hopefully with each any duplicates between both removed.

Are the emails in the target table(s) just normal email or text fields, or have then been involved in any other lookup/rollup operations prior to the rollups that you want to combine?

Could you please share examples of the things that you’ve tried so far (before going the nested-IF route) and the results that you saw with each test?