Create PDF Invoice with airtable - search for automation for more than 5K creations/month

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4 - Data Explorer


i create 5K PDFs every month: Digital Products, Invoices and so on.

Now i start with airtable and search for a new tool to create PDFs automaticly when an entry is created or updated. We want to store the PDF in dropbox and link from airtable to the dropbox-pdf or other storages.

  1. Any idea which cheap and stable tool and plugin we can take?
  2. We work also with Make/Integromat in combination, so we are a little bite more felxible in the tools.

I like the pricings from (5k PDFs = 39$), PDFMonkey (6k PDFs = 30$) and (5k PDFs = 4$) . I dont like documint (5k PDFs = 250$)
Are there airtable plugins avalable or other solutions?

Best regards

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If you are interested in my Low Tech PDF app, it is available in the Marketplace.
However, it will not create documents automatically. You must click a button in the app to create a pdf file. If you are still interested in it, I recommend you try setting it up and test it out to see if it will work for you. After you get the system working, you can purchase a premium license to remove my watermark. You will also need a PDFShift account to remove the PDFShift watermark.

I am currently not selling the corresponding system for creating documents via an automation script.