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I’m building a social media content calendar using Airtable’s Digital Content Calendar template. I created Sections for each social media platform, but I haven’t found a simple way to link the actual posts per platform. I’ve been logging the posts as Records and then linking them to the Section. When I want to share the same post across four platforms, but at different times on the calendar, I’ve had to create four Records - one per Section/social platform. My goal is to see when they’re all scheduled in the calendar view, but it seems redundant to make four Records of the same posts for it to cover all four Sections/social platforms.

For example, I’m sharing the same post on Twitter and Facebook on two different days. I would like to only make one Record, but link it to both Twitter and Facebook and have it show up in my calendar view on two separate times. What’s the most efficient way to do this?

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Welcome to the community, @Michelle_Riehle-Ludt! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: I would consider creating a junction table to connect posts to platforms.

Write a single post in your [Posts] table (guessing names). Make a new table named something like [Post Schedule]. The primary field can be a formula combining various other fields, whatever makes sense in your use case. One field in this table would link to a post. Another field would link to a platform. Yet another field would have the date and time of the post. Want that same post on another platform? Make another record linking the same post to a new platform, with its own post date, etc. If you want to see all the posts going to Twitter, for example, you could create a view on that [Post Schedule] table that only shows posts linked to Twitter.

Thanks, Justin! I’m still pretty new to Airtable so I’m a bit confused. I tried to set up two tables per your suggestion. I don’t know how to do formulas yet and I don’t really understand linking fields. Is there a tutorial you’d suggest?

We can address the formula later. The more important aspect will be setting up the junction table. Here’s a walkthrough of different table setup concepts that the Airtable devs put together:

There are links in that article to more details about link fields and how they work. Let me know if you have any further questions.