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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi Guys,

I want to send a document (attachment field in Airtable) for digital signing and then have the returned document saved in Airtable also. Effectively the unsigned document will be loaded into Airtable via a form and once certain conditions are met it will be sent to another recipient for digital signing.

Is this possible through integromat or zapier? I don’t have a preference on signing platforms as of yet - just whatever will work really.

Thanks in advance,


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Anthony, would you be willing to walk me through this process? This is exactly the problem I have bee struggling with !

Integromat supports at least 3 signing platforms (and maybe more):, Eversign, and Zoho Sign.

They don’t yet support some of the bigger players, like HelloSign or DocuSign, although technically you could use Integromat with any website that has a REST API to tap into.

It also says on Integromat’s feature request page that native DocuSign support is “in progress”, although when it rolls out, it will require the purchase of a DocuSign API Plan. (Not sure if Zapier has the same requirement for DocuSign.)

Hey @Anthony_Vila, thanks for this. Got it all working except the last step, sending the signed document back to AirTable from SignRequest. Cannot seem to figure out how to make this happen? Thanks in advance.

It’s a bit more complicated for this step.

I would add the Id of the row from(airtable) into the title somewhere in zapier task you made. Use something like" john doe contract -id1324224-"

The reason for the lines are important. We make one separate zapier task to check for new signed contracts. Use the formatter task to extract the Id between the text between (- -) (-id7372837-) and have it search for that specific Id row in airtable. Then have zapier place the document in a column labeled file field in airtable.

The id is important because there isn’t that much data from the file to extract to place it in the appropriate spot in airtable. So when sending the signrequest one must put some time of placeholder like the id of the field in the title of the document.

Best regards,

Tony Vila

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

@A_La_Plancha the way that I dealt with this is an update field step as the last part of the zap to kick-start the signing process, basically get Zapier to write the document ID (signrequest and signnow both supply this Document ID) back into a blank airtable “Doc ID” field.

Then have a separate zap that is triggered once the signing process is complete - this zap will cross reference the “Doc ID” field with the ID of the completed document and then upload the completed PDF to the blank attachment field for the record.

Also, if anyone else comes across this - Integromat has just released signnow integration which is great news!

10 - Mercury
10 - Mercury

If you would like an out of the box solution, we have built an extension that integrates directly with eSignaturesio. You can use it to send documents for signing and they would be automatically uploaded to Airtable when they are signed.

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Dude, I have exactly the same question!

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I am not aware of the Airtable documents for electronic signature. At the moment, I began to use various documents very often. Now I began to learn more and more about the different types of documents and programs for them. Now I continue to engage in this area of ​​activity, but I can not say anything. I love my job and in general, each program is good in its own way. Right now I only use one document program. I found this program on one site. Now I sit in this program all the time, and it became more comfortable for me to work. I just want to develop this site so that those who use documents do not look for complex programs for documents, but use this one and do not find it difficult to work.

I see three issues with your comments:

That’s great that you like running documents from PDFLiner, however, the lack of any integration options make it virtually impossible to use it for any process automation and digital signing typically requires that we remove humans from the processing to lessen the chances of nefarious activity involving sensitive information that must be digitally signed.

Let me be sure I understand - you are the creator of PDFLiner? If so, you should make it really obvious to readers.

Terms of Service… (make sure you read them)

PDFLiner may use third parties including partner and affiliates to sell, deploy, configure, and/or support Services. By using the Services, you consent to PDFLiner sharing your account data with third parties in order to enable such third-party activities.

Thank you for the tip! However the issue I’m facing is that I first create the external IDs for every field in the document that needs to be prefilled. Then I enter the JSON structure on Zapier corresponding to each field, however the document that is generated does not contain the data that it should fetch from airtable. Any idea ?