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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I have a form with a simple Yes / No Dropdown. It works fine on a PC but when I try to select it on an iPhone it won’t select. I press on either Yes or No and no selection is made. Any ideas?

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I just ran a test with both single-select and multiple-select fields, and the selection process works fine on my iPhone.


So you’re saying that when you tap directly on one of the available options, it’s not collapsing the choices and showing that option in the field? It’s just doing nothing?

Yes that is correct… I just talked with someone (on an iPad) that had a similar issue. They typed in a text field and the done select option didnt come up so they couldn’t move out of the text field. I should add it workes with one form fine on my iPhone but on another it doesn’t.

By the way it all works perfectly fine on a PC.

I did a work around… Rather than dropdown i made it a list so there is just a selection next to Yes or No. I will keep looking at this but at least I have a workable solution.