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Is there a way to send a record by email (manually not an automation) that does not show the titles of each column if it is an empty field? Even if the column is hidden it still comes through on the email.

To explain further, I'll have a meeting to present concepts, each meeting I could show between 2 - 10 concepts and for each concept there is a name, image, description and link. My problem is that I need to set the table up for the max number of concepts shown and then I email the client after the meeting with the record of what was presented and all the info for each concept. If I send the record with just 2 concepts the email also shows the title of each column which is empty making it appear as if there is info missing. 


Concept 3

Concept 3 description

Concept 3 link etc etc

If someone could help me please I'd be very grateful.

 Many thanks


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It sounds like you're likely not storing your data in an optimal way if you have multiple columns for each concept within the same table.

I would suggest having the following 3 tables:
Clients (unique list), Client Concepts (junction table), and Concepts (unique list)
Your Clients table will be linked to Client Concepts and Concepts will be linked to Client Concepts. Then (optional) make the primary field of Client Concepts a formula field that concatenates Client and Concept linked record fields. Think of Client Concepts as holding data about the relationship between Clients and Concepts. Now you can create views with hidden/unhidden fields in Client Concepts that you want to appear in your email and dynamically set the recipient to a lookup field of email address from the Clients table. Good luck!

Thank you so much for your reply. I shall give it a go.

Many thanks

You're very welcome! Please feel free to mark my earlier recommendation as a solution if it helps you at all 🙂 Thank you!