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I was looking at airtable’s integrations and it says on the page that evernote is already integrated without the need for zapier or other 3rd party app. But I can´t seem to find it!

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The “built in” part is to upload files to an Attachment field from your Evernote account, see the images:

Hi @Tere_Hinojosa,

What were you trying to do with Airtable and Evernote?

bumping this - Has anyone successfully linked to an Evernote page/notebook from Airtable?

My goal is to have a working URL linked in Airtable that sends users to a public Evernote page.
Right now, I just get a blank icon called “SNV” or “login.action”

I don’t see Evernote on the left hand side of the “choose file” pop up. How do I enable that?

I believe that direct access to Evernote has been removed, though I don’t recall when. Flickr (also seen in the screenshot on that support page that was linked above) is also no longer available as an attachment source. For more details on why these attachment sources have been removed, you’ll need to contact Airtable support.