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6 - Interface Innovator

Hi Everyone,

I have an automation that is triggered from a schedule, finds records in a view and then needs to email address using one of the values found in the view.

The problem is that the email address in the view may appear many times (Multiple rows) so that using that field in the automation will mean the TO: filed looks like this:,,, This means they get the email multiple times.

How can I get the unique values from the rows and use that for the sending on emails?

2021-07-03 11_03_02-Session Scheduler_ Sessions - Airtable - Brave


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The find records action in Airtable automations is rather limited. There is no built-in method of obtaining unique values from a find action.

You can use a scripting action that can find the records and filter out duplicate email addresses.

If you are interest in a script, but do not code, and have budget to hire someone to write a script, you can book an appointment with me.

Thanks. I thought it maybe possible with Rollup’s and Arrays some way. I will look to Integromat for this one but it would be nice feature to have for the future though.

Roll ups have a limited ability to eliminate duplicates under very specific circumstances. However they only work for linked records, which don’t apply in a find records action.