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4 - Data Explorer

In my base I have 2 tables: Users and Emails. They are linked together because one user can have multiple emails.


Id|First name|Last name


Id|Address|User id

I want to create a form in which user has to provide first name, last name and one or more emails. How can I achieve this in Airtable? Of course after submission data should be stored in tables with correct relationships.

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Hmm, sadly I don’t think there’s a nice way to do this natively with Airtable forms

Assuming your form is in the Users table, a possible workaround would be to get your users to key in their emails comma separated, i.e.,

You could then have an automation that ran on form submission that would paste those comma separated values into the linked field to the Emails table, which would create a single record per comma separated value

If you want your users to be able to have separate input fields for each email, I think you might have to look into a third party tool like miniextensions or something

@Mikolaj_Wasniewski Is there a maximum amount of emails that you want to allow? For example, 5 emails? If so, you could create 5 separate email fields on your form, and then after the form is submitted, create an automation that takes those emails and puts them in the appropriate place.

Otherwise, as @Adam_TheTimeSavingCo mentioned above, you would need to use the form from or On2Air: Forms to create linked records by using the form itself.