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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I have a database of road bottlenecks for bikers in the region.
Users of the shared database can only see the bottlenecks, they can’t make changes.
The database has views of bottlenecks in and around a specific town or village.
Is it possible to also add a form-view where unknown users can send a form with data to be included in the database. The data will only be included after my agreement.
In my attempts until now I only can see the design of the form, not the form itself

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8 - Airtable Astronomer
8 - Airtable Astronomer

Yes, this is possible. Use the Share button above the form editing area to get the shareable link and adjust a few settings.

To handle the approval workflow, I’d suggest that you add a field that is not included in the form (either a checkbox or single select) that you can mark when you’ve reviewed each new entry. Then, modify your views to filter out rows that have not yet been approved.

Great! Thanks very much

The user can see the form by clicking the button 'Open form". My wish is that (s)he does not have to do this but sees the form immediately after clicking under Views on the form-view. Now clicking there presents the design mode in which (s)he can do nothing.
I also want to avoid copying the private link under “Share form”, but maybe the solution is in adjusting some settings. I unfortunately don’t see which settings would achieve that. Could you be so kind to explain that to me in more detail.

Kind regards