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Format Synced Field as Date Time

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I have a date time field being sync’d from another base and I need to reformat that MM-DD-YYYY HH:MM into a true date time format from the string it comes in as, as a sync’d field.

Any ideas?

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Create a formula field and use DATETIME_PARSE({your synced date time field})

This will cause the formula field to register as a date field, and you can use the Format tab in the formula field to select the format of the date and time.

If you need more customized formatting, you can wrap the above formula inside a DATETIME_FORMAT() function. This gives you a huge amount of customizability for how to show the result. And the use of the DATETIME_PARSE() function will allow Airtable to see and treat the result as a date for the purposes of sorting, filtering, etc.

That is exactly how I set it up.

See attached and I get an error.

Screen Shot 2021-05-28 at 8.46.45 AM

Try using the DATETIME_PARSE() function without any arguments (just the variable itself inside the parentheses).

Still an error.

DATETIME_PARSE({New Meeting Day/Time (from Link to Updates) 2})

Sorry this is so annoying. Hopefully this will work:

DATETIME_PARSE({New Meeting Day/Time (from Link to Updates) 2}, "M/D/YYYY h:mma")

My Hero! Thank you so much!

Sorry it took so long! In the process I got to learn about yet another undocumented behavior of Airtable. (There are so so so so so very many of those.)