Formatting a google sheet that was dynamically created by Integromat with Airtable Data

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6 - Interface Innovator

I have Integromat automatically generate invoices vai Google Sheets using data from AirTable.

Although after the invoice is generated it is fairly ugly given there is no formatting on the Google Sheet.

These invoices are dynamic so I cannot use a static template that I format in advance.

Is there a way to have integromat/airtable format the dynamically created google sheet?

Thank You, Friends.

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If you can figure out the Google Sheets API, you can update your cells with formatting by making API calls from Integromat.

Otherwise, I would suggest looking into DocuMint, which is a great document generation tool that can create formatted invoices from Airtable:

Thank you, Scott.

You are a wizard.

I’ll look into the API method with Google Sheets.

Best Wishes

Wil IV


Hey there!

This is exactly what the Google Sheets Document function in the On2Air Actions app does.

You can create dynamic templates based on your Airtable data plus you can create dynamic formatting inside Sheets so your data fits exactly how you need.

Function - Google Sheets Create/Export