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I have a base with volunteer information, and for each volunteer record, I have a field for skills. This is a linked record to a separate table that lists the skills. I’m trying to create a grid view of the skills that is grouped by the name of the skill, with each linked record (volunteer) listed on a separate row below. What I’m getting is one record with each of the linked records listed together in the Volunteers field. Is there a way to list them separately?

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6 - Interface Innovator

Hey Alex,

Dalton from Airtable here. :wave: Welcome to the Airtable community.

I want to make sure that I understand what is currently going on and what it is you’re looking for, so please bear with me as I potentially reiterate what you’ve already stated.

What you have currently:
A grouped view in your “volunteer table,” grouped by the linked skills of each person. I am assuming that there are multiple skills for each person linked, which is causing a grouped view of pretty much each person because the chances of more than one or two of them having the exact same three or more skills is pretty slim. Let me know if I missed anything here^

What you’re looking for:
A grouped view that shows each skill and the people that have that skill.

The best place to look for that kind of grouping is going to be in the “skills table.” This will show you the relationship of each skill to the individual people they are linked to, a one-to-many relationship.

This information will be the linked record field of those people and will allow you to see each person’s record. You can view a list of all of these people by clicking on the three dots in the related skill’s linked field. (see screenshot below)



I hope this helps organize your information in the way you’re looking for. If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Hi! I was already looking at the Skills table, but I had missed the more detailed view I get when clicking on the 3 dots. That is very close to what I wanted, thank you! The one thing I still feel like I’m missing is that it would be nice to view those linked records in more of a table so that I could easily copy all their email addresses or other contact info all at once when we’re putting out a call to volunteers with a specific skill. Do you know of a way to get them in more of a table view?

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator


There’s not going to be a great way to look at the individual contact information in a table format while in the Skills table. But you do have a couple of different options here. You can use a lookup field to pull contact information linked to another table into your Skill table. This would allow you to pull information such as email addresses into a single field separated by commas. This is easy to copy and paste into an email client. Any other kind of contact info might not be best served by that kind of field though.

Your second option is to create some new views in your Contacts table that filters those contacts based on the specific skills in your linked field. You could filter for a specific skill, or even multiple skills, you’re looking for, and the view will show the contacts, and whatever information you have in that table related to those contacts.

I think this will really help you get as close as possible to viewing people, and their information, in a table format based on certain skills. I hope this helps!

The lookup fields are a great idea. Thank you for being so helpful!