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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hello, I have one table and would like to sync the primary field with the primary field in a second table. I tried this by creating a synced table, but the only bases available are the example bases. I moved my table to the example bases workspace, but my base still wasn’t available.

Is it possible to do this? Can anyone help? Thank you.

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Are you trying to sync one table with another within the same base? This isn’t how the sync feature is designed to work. It’s only designed to sync tables between different bases.

Could you share more details about what you’re hoping to achieve? It may require rethinking your base design, or achieving what you want through different means.

Hi Justin, thanks for your help. Yes, I do mean within the same base, but it appears now that maybe Airtable isn’t suitable for this specific need. The primary field is a list of products, and I’m needing a way to organise contact with around 20 prospective buyers for each item in the primary field.

I suspect a basic-level CRM database is needed, if that is the case then is there one you recommend with which Airtable will sync? Should I create a second base - would that require me upgrading to “Plus”?

Syncing tables syncs an entire view of records as a table in a different base.

It sounds like you want to have two tables in the same base with a linked record field joining them together. You can use automations to create linked records so that each record in the first table will always have a linked record in the second table.

Thanks kuovonne, I’ve had a go with automations a little before and it works well, although I can’t see how that would work for this.

I might do better to just copy and paste the specific items into a new table but I don’t know if the product should be on each row or each column. I don’t know of a better option at this point.

Both the customers and the products are unique, and there are far more prospective customers (of which a small minority may be interested in more than one product), so maybe the customer should be in the primary field and initially name them customer1, customer2 etc… just until I’ve got the design sorted out.

Workspaces are the things that have levels like Free, Plus, Pro, etc. Any workspace level—even Free—can contain an unlimited number of bases. You can also have multiple workspaces, and each one has its own level.

You still haven’t described the big picture of what you’re trying to accomplish, but it sounds like you could use one table for customers, one for products, and a junction table to build orders that connect customers to products.