¿How can work three different people in the same workspace editing different information at the same time?

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4 - Data Explorer


i have a worskpace, and I wont to invite two people to help me updating information. I try to test it with my colleague making him collaborator, but he sees every change I made.

What I want, is that he could make one filter and update information; and me and the other people make another filter, at the same time.

Is that possible?

thank you

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That’s possible, but each of you would need to be working in different views. If you’ve set up a filter in View A, then a collaborator logs in and changes the filter on View A, you’ll see the filter change. The collaborator would need to make a new view (View B), where the filter they apply won’t affect how you see things in View A.

However, remember that a view is simply a specific way of looking at the underlying table data. In other words, all views are operating on the same data. Any change that someone makes to a record in any view will be seen by anyone looking at any other view.

In the end, making different views for each collaborator to use only solves the view-filter-changing issue. Your collaborator will still see every change you make, even if they’re in a different view (unless the record you change doesn’t appear in their view).