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5 - Automation Enthusiast

I have created a table that we record the time it takes us to carry out specific tasks for clients.

I have created a subsequent view for each client and shared with them a private link so they can always see what tasks we are carrying out and how long it takes.

However, on the subsequent grid view, I would like a filter to show only the work undertaken this billing period. e.g. from the 1st of the month to today’s date. Is this possible?

At the moment I have a filter that is: Date “is on or after” + “exact date” + “1st Dec”

However, I have to manually change that date each month. is there another option that would work rather manually changing it each month? Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Hi @Alan_Mclaverty - try this:

Screenshot 2019-12-18 at 20.49.20

The formula field is:


This shows “1” if the Date field is >= to 1st of “this month” and “0” otherwise. Each month, the 1st of the month “moves forward”, so this month this will evaluate to 1st Dec, next month, 1st Jan and so on. Now you can set up your filter to be where this field is “1”. If you don’t want to see this field, just hide it - it will still be available to your filter.


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