How to mach 2 tables using third one?

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4 - Data Explorer

I got 3 tables:





Matching tableMatching table

As you can see on table Lectures i started matching Lectures with Trainings one-by-one. But the list is very long. 

Do you have any idea how to match Lecturers with trainings on one table?

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I'm taking a guess as to what kind of structure you want. You have tables of Lectures and Trainings, and you've linked them, but now you want a list of all unique Lecture + Training combinations, correct?

I would recommend that you instead link Lectures and Trainings in the Lecture + Training table, instead of to each other. That way the Lecture + Training table is essentially "free".

As an aside, there are some tweaks you can make to your existing tables to make them more user-friendly:

  • Airtable doesn't need an ID field, so you can instead set your Name field as the primary field, even if you have duplicate values (if you'd like, you can use a formula to combine Name and Date for disambiguation).
  • Airtable allows spaces in field names, so instead of "training_id", you could have "Training ID".
  • If you convert {training_id} and {lecture_id} to "Link to another field" fields, Airtable will convert the existing values to links.