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Re: How to manage tasks from multiple bases?

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We are setting up Airtable to manage multiple projects and multiple teams. Each project has its own Base, and each Project Base has its own task list.

Is there a way to see all tasks across all projects in one place?

One of the main problems we are trying to solve is to find a way for each team member to see all of his or her tasks in one place even though they are located in various bases.

Thanks for the help and suggestions.


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Hi @Jason_Dunn,

Yeah, this is a great question and one that I’ve spent a little time thinking about, although no actual implementation as yet. However, I have implemented a multi-base search engine for internal use at one of my clients and it smacks of similar functional requirements such as a unified index of bases and their tables.

Observations …

  • To achieve a single roll up of tasks by team member, it probably makes sense to do that in [oddly] a dedicated tasks base.
  • There are other questions to consider in terms of security - i.e., should a task base contain all tasks for all team members that are easily viewed by member responsibility, project, milestone date, etc?
  • I suspect a well-crafted Integro integration model could be used to capture all tasks and replicate them into a unified base/table, although, my gut tells me an API process might be an approach worth considering (I have a hammer and I want to pound all things API ;-). I would certainly make an attempt to prototype this using Integro or Zapier first.

@Jason_Dunn - did you ever figure this out? I have been scratching my head to figure out how I could see all tasks across bases in one place too.

@Jason_Dunn did you ever find a solution to this question? We have the same challenge and it seems like it shouldn’t be this tricky.

@Jason_Dunn @Bill.French any success here? This would be a HUGE improvement for my organization. We used to have Wrike and you could see all your assigned tasks in one place with that app.

We have access to the scripting block. Maybe there’s a way to see all assigned tasks from multiple bases with a script?

Sorry for the long absence - been swamped with CyberLandr™.

Yes, there is. With scripts you can use the Airtable API to aggregate data in one base. However, have you considered the table synching feature?

Any updates to this? Seems like a HUGE gap for Airtable not to have this setup in a more user-friendly way.

I came here looking for a solution too. Grateful for a solution I can implement as a novice.

Update: this is a new feature: multi-source syncing.

Very promising! It lets you map records from multiple sources to one destination table. It creates a field to keep track of the source of each record.

It would be great if there was a native and simple way to have all “Tagged” or “assigned” tasks pull into one place. The issue with using multi-source synching is that we constantly have new projects and I will manually have to do this for all of the bases, and as we create new projects, this will be an extra step we need to take to manually add each one to sync. Monday just introduced this feature called “MY Work” - I’d love to see something like that in Airtable

Yes, we used Wrike before and they had the same thing.

New to Airtable and also needing a way for all teammates to see all their assigned tasks in one place. Would be really helpful if someone could create or share a plain English video tutorial for how to set up using the multi-source syncing for this purpose as trying to parse Airtable’s verbiage is kind of a nightmare for me. If anyone knows of a good video tutorial, please tag me!

You might look at the “My Records” app, created by @Kamille_Parks

Thanks Hannah. As a note, My Records has not been released to the Marketplace but is a complete product if someone wants to purchase access to it, or wants a customized rendition of it.

I was awaiting pending improvements to the Developer Partner program to resume releasing extensions to the Marketplace but may release My Records if people desire it.

@Atlas_DeFay you can try using an Interface with a filter applied using the “only current user” option for collaborator fields so that each person in your base can look at one screen to see only “their” records. If your setup involves multiple bases, then neither my extension referenced above nor Interfaces will be of much use to you until you sync your tables together.

Try this video to explain a bit about multisource syncing.