IFTTT Airtable connection broken?

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I am trying to set up IFTTT to automatically record my Tweets but the Airtable connection seems broken. The instructions say that once the Base is connected, you can choose the Table from the dropdown.

But that’s not what I get when I’m going through the process. The Base is shown but the Table field doesn’t give me a dropdown of my existing tables. Instead, it just says “Add Ingredient” which are the ingredients from the Tweet, not anything from Airtable.

Does anyone know how to fix this? Or if I’m just not understanding it? It does not currently match the Airtable instructions on how to create this connection.

Any help much appreciated. Cheers!


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I don’t use IFTTT but I believe “Add Ingredient” suggests the app is asking for a place to put the data gathered from Twitter (i.e., Airtable). To make an IFTTT integration you need two ingredients - in this case Twitter and Airtable. I believe that’s the IFTTT nomenclature and perhaps Twitter is the ingredient missing?

Hi there. Did you get this resolved? Trying to do the exact same workflow (record tweets to Airtable) and confused with the Table field too.

Screenshot attached of my applet set up. The applet runs successfully on IFTTT but I see no record in Airtable. Is this what you experienced? Thanks!

Screenshot 2021-05-13 at 09.15.27