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Importing CRM data from Salesforce

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Hi all, I’m wondering if there is any third-party service that can assist in moving an entire CRM database from Salesforce into Airtable. I don’t think it’s as simple as a basic CSV import, as the database has a lot of records linked across tables as well as a lot of files associated with individual records. Is there any service that exists for this? Or is this something that would need to be done manually?

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I saw this was answered elsewhere! BUT I was wondering why you were considering going from salesforce into Airtable? Or are you keeping salesforce, and just using Airtable for something else? Thank you!

We aren’t using Salesforce as a CRM, only as a database, and we don’t need all that Salesforce offers. Airtable also is more affordable and user friendly.

You have to decide how you want to transfer the data from your current software to your new one. The tips to keep in mind while transferring: 

  1. Define the critical data you need to move across- if you have done exhaustive crm data enrichment better get rid of data that you don't need
  2. Clean up your data- remove duplicates and archived data
  3. Choose a cut-off date- let users know you will transfer the data
  4. Choose the best way to export your data
  5. Test a sample of data first- check a sample of your data before exporting
  6. Map your data to the new CRM- organize data to ensure your data transfer runs seamlessly