Importing Excel Hours Formatted In [h]:ss

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6 - Interface Innovator

I’m trying to import an Excel spreadsheet that contain totals hours that has to be formatted in [h]:ss format to display correctly. However, when I import to Airtable it displays the result as date with time “1900-01-09 15:52” which is what is showing formula bar in Excel. Apparently Excel formatting does this to be able to SUM hours?? I’ve tried all the formats in Excel and this is the only one that shows my data in Excel correctly. I’ve tried different formats in Airtable, but it still sees it as a date with time. Has anyone else experienced this and come up with a solution?


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Have you tried importing your excel values into a Duration-type field?

If I do this in Excel:

Then use the CSV import app to import that value into a Duration field then it remains in the relatively proper format (Airtable Durations can be “h:mm” or “h:mm:ss”, but I do not think they can be “h:ss”):