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4 - Data Explorer

How to get an input via form that creates a view? This can change every-time depending on the form submission. Help pls

For example: I need to select my phase of product (column 1) and my focus (column 2) in a 10 column table and based on this input via form the view must be generated.

Depending on the input in the form, the view will keep changing. How do i do that?

Thanks in advance for all the help and support here :pray:

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Forms only create new records, not views. Views are manually created by you.

Aww :blush: thanks so much.

So what about filtering conditions provided via a form and allowing them to see only what is relevant ? How can I work with inputs that needs a view?

You’re welcome! But I’m not sure what you mean? Forms are always blank, and are only used to create new records. That’s the only thing that you can do with forms. Forms serve no other purpose except for giving people a blank form on a web page to create new records in your system. They are a one-trick pony. :winking_face: :racehorse:

I may have to send you more details. Can I share a video here ?

Welcome to the Airtable community!

It sounds like you want Airtable to filter records in a view to show only the rows with specific values in particular columns. I suggest you read up on how to do filtering in an Airtable view.

While you may be used to using a form in other apps for this functionality, Airtable cannot generate a form to do this. As ScottWorld pointed out, Airtable forms are only for adding new records to a table. (Although the form does not always have to be blank. They can be prefilled with values.)