Integromat (Make): IF AirTable "Search Records" action finds a record - Update. If NOT - Create a record. Doesn't work

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6 - Interface Innovator

Hey guys,

I’m using Integromat (Make) to connect Adalo with AirTable.

What I’m trying to achieve:
• (1) Adalo “Watch Records” (if created or updated) →
• (2) AirTable “Search Records” with formula SEARCH(’{{1.Email}}’,{Email}) (where “1.Email” = Adalo email field and “Email” = AirTable email field)
• (3) IF TRUE (Email found on AirTable) → Update AirTable Record
• (4) IF FALSE (Email not found) → Create AirTable Record

Tried various ways (see screenshots) and…
• Update Record = Works perfectly
• Create Record = It never creates a new record

Please see the screenshots to see what I’ve already tried.

What could be a solution is if I could set a filter for Adalo to create an AirTable record when Adalo “Created” date is TODAY() but there’s no condition like “Today” in Integromat to evaluate Adalo date against.

Could anyone help me, please? :slightly_smiling_face:


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Please show screenshots of what your “Update a Record” and “Create a Record” modules look like.

Hey @ScottWorld !

Attaching the screenshots of Update & Create Record modules as well as 6 different filters (and more) I tried for the “NOT Exist” router side that leads to “Create Record”.
Filter 1
Create Record
Update Record

Filter 2
Filter 3
Filter 4
Filter 5
Filter 6

First of all, your bottom path should not be an error handler path. You haven’t encountered any errors, so it will never run.

If you really want 2 different paths, then you need a router and 2 filters.

However, you don’t need 2 different paths at all. You only need one path, and one Airtable module after the search module: the “Upsert Record” module. The upsert module will either update a record if it exists, or create a record if the record doesn’t already exist.

Thanks @ScottWorld !

I thought the same but neither Upsert Record, nor Router solutions worked (see screenshots of the main workflows I tried).


Also attaching “Upsert Record” setup screenshot.

Upsert Record

I myself am leaning towards an opinion that it’s an issue at an earlier stage - with either the Adalo Watch Records or the AirTable Search Records modules passing to the router ONLY the records where email already exists on AirTable (and thus there’s nothing to create).

Also tried to change Adalo Watch Records to watch records “by Created Time” (instead of Updated Time) - also doesn’t help.

Sorry, I can’t help any further because you need someone to spend time going into your scenario and troubleshooting it in detail. I can only spend that sort of time with paid clients. If you are interested, feel free to contact me through my website. Otherwise, I would recommend opening a support ticket with Make, and they will help you.

Totally understand. Thanks, @Scott!

@Vykintas_Glodenis Never mind, I figured out what your problem is.

From your newest round of screenshots above, I can see that your scenario is actually working as intended.

It will EITHER create a record OR update a record. In your case, it looks like it is updating (but not creating) the record all 5 times, which is exactly what it is supposed to do if it finds an existing record all 5 times.

If you are not expecting it to find a record all 5 times, then what that means is that your search criteria isn’t accurate, so your “Search Records” module would need to be fixed.

How did you configure your “Search Records” module?