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4 - Data Explorer

Hello everyone,
I was wondeing if there was anything like a heatmap app where i can see what time of the day/week is the most popular order times, please see my screenshot for extra clarification (this was taken from google analytics).
Screenshot 2020-11-24 at 18.05.48

Many thanks!

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Hi John, and welcome to the community!

No, not a native feature in Airtable, but there are ways to build these.

The new Vega-Lite block is able to display horizontal bar charts set to 100% scale which causes every bar to be the same hight. By plotting the data this way, you can simulate a heatmap.

You can also build these in a Script Block using a grid display. And lastly, a Custom App is able to render pretty much any kind of display from Airtable data.

Thanks Bill! i will take a look.