Khoros Private Messages are Limited?

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I just spent thirty minutes trying to help an Airtable customer in a DM only to have the message rejected.


Khoros places a very high tax on communication and Airtable cannot apparently see why this is not in their own or customer's interests.

What are y'all thinking?

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I'm thinking that you are generous with your time helping other users. Thank you for that.

On the other hand, I'm used to forums having a limit on the number of private messages, because when too many conversations move to private messages, the public community looses something. But I doubt that this is the case. The limit in Khoros is probably set way too low.

I am very sad at what the change to Khoros has done to this community.

I've had three DMs in the past four weeks.

BTW, my DM response included all the links that are available to answer his question with a recommendation to post the question openly. Airtable, with its poor attempt to be the communications police, has actually made matters worse if the objective was to discourage the use of DMs. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @Bill_French, my name is Maddie and I'm the new Community Manager. Nice to meet you!

Thanks for flagging, I'm sorry to hear about this experience. From what you described, the message should go through if you try it again, perhaps after refreshing the page. Can you let me know if that works for you? Feel free to send me a DM to test as well. 

Thank you so much for helping the community!

Too late - in frustration, I deleted the message and lost the reply. This platform is just so difficult to work with. At every turn, there is friction in Khoros. This latest crappy outcome leaves me with yet another bad taste in my mouth and a nagging question:

Why would ANY platform EVER deny someone the ability to respond to a direct question? What possible benefit could ever accrue from creating such a possible outcome?

I can understand if a specific user is making many DM requests, but penalizing the recipient who is simply reacting to a query seems like a very bad idea.

@Bill_French, got it, thanks again for flagging. If you run into that in the future, try the refresh idea I shared above and again, I'm happy to test this out with you anytime.